"The Godfather" says

     It is no accident that...




Houston, Texas
Call: 281-450-9268 or 281-373-1934
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Welcome to the Hit-N-Run Website - one of Houston's most popular bands that is everything you want and need.  

This site will provide you with information as well as upcoming shows and other useful news.

Thanks for visiting and watch for a dedicated page adding the video and audio soon.  There is also a new page to contact us and email us with your information.   

Hit-N-Run plays an eclectic mix of a huge variety of music from all kinds of genres with hundreds of songs.  We expand from a duet to trio, to 4 piece to Big Band.  With our bigger band (horns - female vocals on request), we can take you from the dinner music to the dance music covering the 40's on up.

Whatever the musicianship, all the band members just wait and see what Charlie, The Godfather, is going to do next. It is great fun and sometimes so spontaneous even the musicians are caught off guard. But, no matter what the song - it is fun for the audience and Band, equally and we love to interract with the crowd.

We love what we do and it shows - in every show! Plan on having a good time  - especially when the "SIPS" light comes on. If you don't know what that means, then you need to come to our shows and experience the fun in person. We have what no other band has: Charlie Cotrone, a Sicilian Godfather and the Hit Men who play the music you just can't refuse.You'll see why Hit-N-Run spells fun and why we are truly a HIT whether you are part of the "family" or not.

IF YOU NEED A PROFESSIONAL BAND that knows how to blend in with soft dinner music and stand out (pack the dance floor)  all at the same time- you need us.

If you want a band comprised of highly seasoned pros who have played music with over 45 years each of individual experience, a band that you are proud to have work for you and that is extremely courteous from the moment we arrive til we drive out of sight - then you have found us !

If you are looking for a band that has a huge variety of so many artists and styles of music, & some incredible harmonies, then WE ARE JUST WHAT YOU NEED. We will happily dress to the occasion and select music to fit your event (kid friendly to once-in-a-lifetime dream wedding to a rocking party).

If you would just love to have a band that provides more fun than the Law allows; a band that takes requests that are special to you and a band that will have everyone begging for more, then WE ARE JUST WHAT YOU'LL LOVE. From living rooms to an upscale steak house or glamourous ball, - we know just how to fit in and take you with us. You'll score a real HIT-N-RUN in everyone's book having the band that makes every event from back yards to concert halls one to be remembered and talked about long after the music stops!

IF YOU NEED  D.J. SERVICES - DON'T LOOK ANYWHERE ELSE - WE CAN DO THAT TOO !   Charlie and Lisa love to work together to make your event successful and fun !.   We can customize your play list  & help you on things like fundraisers & etc if you need.. You are welcome to check references and be confident that we deliver what we promise.


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