"THE HIT-N-RUN BAND was the perfect band for our once in a lifetime wedding.  From the moment of our first meeting with their manager, Lisa - we knew we did not have a thing to worry about.  Every detail was discussed - even ones we forgot about and she made sure our dreams came true along with the band!    The amazing vocals and variety of styles and music just kept exploding from them like beautiful fireworks.  Every song was so perfect and they entertained our guests with the utmost professionalism, and kept the dance floor packed.  Just like they said in their marketing package - they make last second changes seem like they were planned all along and we threw them a few curves.  Every bride and groom should be so lucky to have such a great band.  We loved them and are still getting compliments on the entertainment and we've been married now over a year!  I'm so glad I could have some input on their website. "  Tiffany and James- Houston, 
"I was very THRILLED with the fantastic music of Hit-N-Run.  They dressed, acted and played like the pro's they are.  Huge variety of music that pleased everyone. The best band I've heard in three states and I should know - my career is booking bands.   I can't wait to book this band."
 Richard-Platinum Booking Agency - Houston, Texas

Hi Lisa & Charlie,Love is being married to your best friend
"Your band did an excellent and fun job in helping us celebrate our 25th wedding anniverary.  You catered to the music we wanted and liked. Then you made such a special announcement and presented us with our personalized framed Arrest Warrant Certificate,  Drumsticks, and picks from Hit-N-Run.  We really enjoyed having ya'll play and had lots of compliments! "  Many people have asked for your phone number and want you to play for them too.  Thank you for making the evening so special.

Rhonda and Johnny Pizzitola
Hey Hit-N-Run-   
You guys Rock...I have been in the business for over 45 years..You
are only the 2nd band that I have sat in with,,Keep it up..
Bruce Jaeger..........
What a compliment !  I hope the first band was The Rolling Stones or Sinatra or someone of that caliber !  (Ha ) 
by the way ....Bruce is a famous and FANTASTIC SINGER/ENTERTAINER.  His oldies set is phenomenal.
Lisa & Charlie - Perfect birthday party - the band was so great & so much fun - you just could not have made it any better....just perfect. 
Sam Sicola
Kitty and I want to thank you for your performance. It was every thing we thought and more. I am glad we got the keyboard man. Good decision! He added a nice touch and was so nice. We are still waiting for pictures and videos to get in. I have some pictures on FaceBook. We love you guys and gal.
You are the talk of Sargent, Texas .
The best band that has ever been here - EVER !!!.

Jim and Kitty Freeman
50th Anniversary -Sargent, Tx  ( June 2011)

Hi Charlie and Lisa,
I had such a good time the other night. My face starts to hurt from smiling so much. Everyone really enjoyed it. I hope it gives y’all a good feeling in your heart to know how happy y’all make everyone. This includes you Lisa for all the work you seem to do effortlessly, but we know it’s not easy– right?
Hope to see y’all soon. Correction - me and lots of others will see you soon.
Love ya,
Sarah Katherine
April 28, 2011
Hey Charlie,
Caught ur act last nite @ The Lone Star 4 the 1st time>>>great stuff...I happen 2 like cha-chas & U played a few last nite....thanx.
Do U know of: The Haak Winery in Sta.Fe, Tx.?.....U should, top bands like yours play there.    Ck. it out.
Archie Rod.
Charlie and Lisa thought maybe you would like to read this.  Sure enjoyed last night!!! Thanks
Hugs, Mary Pat and Steve Schifani
Sunday, January 23, 2011 
Ck'd out The Band: Hit N Run (Houston)....Hit-N-Run brought about 150 persons that showed up for dancin' /parties....7 whip couples ventured out as well...everybody seemed 2 b havin' a great time...normally I depart dance functions after 1 set>>>last nite I made it for almost 2 sets.
It was the 1st time that I've heard Hit N Run...talented, eclectic, most of their music in the 4 min. range. I liked their mix of music, swing(reg./WCS), slow bellie rubs, & even cha-chas....& they played some pretty good C/W. Over-all, I'm putting them in my A list, & wil catch them next time they come 2 Lone Star (March).
Another Lonestar Fan letter sent to HNR FANS - Steve & Mary Pat Schifani:
Hi Steve,
We went to Lone Star last night and the Hit-N-Run band was great. Played good music and on beat. Looking forward for them to come back.
Let us know when...

Joe and Nelda...

You have got to come and see our favorite rocknroll band.  In case some of you haven't been to one of these shows, the band takes requests - visit their website www.hit-n-runband.com for a list of the songs they play. We have a great time at their shows - Charlie and Lisa make all of us feel loved and welcomed. 
Cathy Tiemann
It was great seeing yall last Friday! Please keep me notified whenever yall play again. It was so much fun...Charlie was rocking out!
~nick pitarra
Charlie and the band sounded great. Lights were super cool and my friends loved your band . I believe you have some new fans. As always I think you’re the coolest sound babe , and your one of the sweetest people I know.

God bless , jj          

(Jeff Jones, Certified Business Brokers & Certified Appraisals, Inc.)

Dear Charles & Lisa:
We can't begin to thank you enough for making Hillary & Daniels' wedding the event of ages !  Everyone said they wanted to do this every weekend with Hit-N-Run ! 
You were so gracious with all the requests.  We really appreciate Charles & you coming to our home to help John practice & learn a special song he wanted to surprise Hillary with. Noone
else would have done that & letting dad sing his song to Hillary meant so much to him. 
We always hoped that we could have you play at one of the girls' weddings.  You & Lisa came a long way, setup very early to ensure perfection & also did a great job for the wedding music for the ceremony. Even a failed generator didn't phase you - you played on and sang your heart out. 
You made our dream and Hillarys dream come true.  We love you both and will be in touch soon to setup a date & rehash the amazing music and effort you put into our daughters' dream wedding.  Your friendship is priceless. 
John & Valerie Verner

Lisa – I had to write after the great gig - you always have the most interesting bandmail & the hottest band – In all my years as an observer & a musician playing for world renowned events – I can’t think of a group of people more talented, more cohesive or more versatile with all kinds of music. You two are so personable & charismatic both onstage & off & you both bring out the best in the band, the crowd & each other – definitely a match made in Heaven. Never heard so many folks in the audience sing along- Charlie has that energy and style that keeps people hanging on his every word. Everyone loves working with you too Lisa- always fun, sweet & taking care of the band & crowds needs & preferences. We can’t keep up with all you manage to do & meet & greet. With Charlie’s great knowledge of what to play & when to play – you help him pack that dance floor too as well as run sound & lights really great for the band – a one woman wonder. All the musicians love you & have great respect & admiration for you. You are so organized, make every detail seem effortless & take care of all of us. Both of you are really thoughtful & go the extra mile helping musicians in with their own stuff too…and follow up with calls & emails to thank us - that is a rarity. Besides all that….Lisa is a great cook sometimes making food for 100 or more at the clubs for special events – like the birthday & anniversary parties she does every year….Don’t’ miss that. I never do. I think Charlie is definitely the entertainers’ entertainer. Love these guys & the band……

.Edward A. –bass man


 Hey Lisa,  Tell Charlie how much I enjoyed the band!  He is a real talent!!  I think he should have been discovered and made records!!  You are so good at managing the band and being their sound engineer.  They always sound perfect!  I really did enjoy the fun & music!!  So did my husband. Keep me informed when anything is close in, we'd love to come out again......

Love,  Lena JaneEdit Text


 Charlie and the Hit-N-Run Big Band                  

(Headliner Band for the Italian Festival - 2009)

You guys were a hit as usual and as in all the years past you have played for us The turnout was great and I got endless compliments from people at the Italian Festival, the vendors, and from the volunteers and committee chairmenYou are already receiving bookings from this event for weddings and other galas.  We look forward to you headlining the event again in 2010.  

 Thanks, FP



Lisa: Thanks for the kind words - you made life easier for me !   I have never had a band member or representative write me after playing here.  What a thrill it was to be remembered with gratitude from you and your members.  Bands like yours are few and far between - very far !  The mix and volume was perfect for the huge wedding.    The professionalism & musicianship of you & the band deserves a Ten Star rating if there is such a thing. From the way your conducted yourselves to the attire, the way you set up your stage so organized (another rarity) the light show, the way you Lisa worked with our staff and the photographers and everyone from the kitchen to the front door far exceeded our expectations.  You are the easiest, most exciting fun and talented band I have had the pleasure to work with.  It is very unusual to see a woman like yourself loading in heavy equipment, handling the entire band, mixing sound, operating lighting simultaneously and still being able to converse simultaneously with the guests taking song requests or handling inquiries about the band and booking dates.   You were able to please hundreds of guests - a feat that is usually hard to do.   Compliments poured in the entire night and just as your website says - you made last minute changes look like they were planned all along.   With all the delays, you kept your band informed and playing and rearranged your timeline on the spot.  With the deletion and additions to the wedding party for the entrance march- you were able to get them all in the new order quickly without any commotion. None of the guests noticed how you efficiently "fixed" everything- it looked like it was part of the original reception plans. You made it work perfectly and instantly and none of our staff had to worry about a thing.  That really helped us immensely.  We were thrilled and never in a million years thought a band or band manager could do what you do and also be such a pleasure to work with under duress.  Like your site says, from the moment we first spoke to the moment you drove out of sight and even now with your letter of appreciation to me and my staff - you have my utmost respect and admiration and likewise my gratitude. Our dance floor was packed all night all the way out onto the carpet.  Compliments are still pouring in.  The accolades you and your band made note of throughout the night from the chef, our hotel, the food, the flowers, the management and staff,  - you forgot no one and so considerately thanked them all and complimented each and every one.  That was a thrill for us all.   That never happens with bands who have been here before and it is so nice to be remembered when things are so busy.  The bride and groom were ecstatic to have you and your band making their day perfect because when so many delays and other changes are made, the evening could have been a disaster and their evening could have been worrisome and chaotic.  It was a huge success thanks to you and the band.  There was so much about you and the group that exceeds any thanks we have for you and we are sure you are always busy but we sincerely hope we will have the honor of working with you and your band again ....I will definitely recommend Hit-N-Run for any band needs I may have!  Thanks again for the letter and the honor of working with you.


Gary Baumann

Director of Catering

2222 West Loop South
Houston, TX 77027
Tel: +1 (713) 850-2828


You and Charlie and the whole band are AWESOME!!!! You guys are one of the nicest bands I have had to work with. I am glad we got a chance to have y'all play out here and I am so happy that the members of our private marina and country club love y'all. I wish I could have booked you all of  June, July and August.I am trying to talk them into having night partys at the pool. The members were telling me that they want the tiki bar to stay open later and have a band at night so they can dance the night away. They requested y'all to play for them....how does that feel???!!! I know y'all will like that. Let me try to get this going and see what happenes.


The Yacht Club & Marina

Galveston Texas


thu, 6 Nov 2008 7:23 am

Hi Lisa!

We just want to say Thanks again to you and the band for making our wedding so memorable! We had such a great time and there were so many compliments on how
much everyone enjoyed the band. In fact-I don't think anyone really wanted to leave! My only regret was not having someone tape the grand march and cella
luna....apparently that was a sight to see!

Thanks again from the bottom of our heart. Your help and efforts made our wedding night one for the books!

Sherri & DJ Cotlow

I second that. The band was excellent! Thanks again

Charles, Thank you very much for performing on Saturday. You guys did an outstanding job. We could not have asked for more… Thanks again!

Wallace "Wayne" Stewart II, Division Manager- Houston TX.

Heartland Payment Systems
Thanks again to my  children and their husbands and daughter- in- law to be for the anniversary party and for finding the best band we have ever heard.    I know you worked so hard on the party.  Food was great too.  Thank you Charles and Lisa-j we hated to leave even though we had been there for four hours listening and dancing to all the different styles of music and hearing the great harmonies your band has.  The band was wonderful and really made the evening a great night.  Wallace and I was really surprised.
Pat & Wallace Stewart

Charles & Lisa- Thank you very much for playing for us for our 40th anniversary. You guys outdid yourself. We had so much fun because of you.  Thanks again!

Wallace , Sr.

Charlie & Lisa,
We just wanted to say thank you so much!  Yall are a wonderful band & really made the evening what it was -Perfect beyond our hopes and expectations!  My parents loved it & they were soooooo surprised! 
Thank you again for your generous offer to play on their special night!
Gina Grayum & siblings
> You guys are wonderful....THANK YOU for celebrating my birthday and making
> it so special!  I am overwhelmed and amazed at how great the band is - as always.
Love, Cat Shorter

Musical Note 1_______________________________________________________________________________________

Hey, y’all! I wanted to send my personal thanks to all the musicians who came out and made Charles Murphy’s benefit a smashing success!  Your presence was so important to the success of the event, and also to Charles.  It was a wonderful day, and I really appreciate that everyone was on time and cooperative in making the schedule work.  Thank you!  The music was FABULOUS, and we really showed everyone who came to listen that Houston has a great variety of wonderful music and musicians.  I look forward to seeing everyone again soon!ROCK ON! Sweet Mama Cotton
I sure am going to talk to the clubs on our end of town.!
Lisa we just love ur band. We would follow u
More if u played closer but we are not able to drive far
at night and it is really hard on Fri. Nights because Charles works.
You & Charlie   r such good people & we love the Music & ya'll.
Your Friends, Ann & Charles  (2011)

Hit-N-Run was the best band ever.  They are very experienced and play such a wide range of music. Every event was timed perfectly and organized. Lisa is a hoot and made sure the dance floor was full. I have posted my comments on The Wedding Channel and The Knot for Brides .    We had so much fun and never had to worry about anything - Hit-N-Run made sure of that !

Holly and Anthony Martino (March 2012)


Charlie and Lisa - I just wanted to tell you both thank you for making Anthony & Holly's wedding so special.  You two were great - the band was absolutely amazing - as always.  Everything was perfect - Lisa- you made sure they got all the songs and all the special things they mentioned and gave them your undivided attention from the moment you booked the event until the wedding was over.  You took care of more than just the band business & Charlie and the band gave a fantastic performance and made every second so perfect. We could not have had anything more perfect. It is easy to see why everyone loves yall.  We love you both very much, you go out of your way to make every event so perfect and we are so blessed to have you both in our lives.

love you, Darline & Joe (parents of the groom)


THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING BAND - THEY ROCK !   I CAN TELL YOU AS ONE OF THEIR BRIDES - THAT I HAVE NEVER HAD SUCH A GOOD TIME and SUCH A STRESS-FREE EXPERIENCE WORKING WITH ANYONE AS I HAVE WITH LISA AND HIT-N-RUN.   This band is more than entertainment - they are more than wedding consultants and way more than AWESOME !      They are more than a great band that knows how to play the right music at a comfortable level doing background dinner music- they know exactly when to kick it up and involve everyone at the wedding and hold their attention with all kinds of music, playing requests, doing special dances for some of our guests to honor them and even doing music for the little ones at our wedding.  They dress to the occasion, bring props for special "action" shots -(everyone went crazy and what spontaneous photos we got !.   They keep the photographer and staff informed of everything in their timeline...oh - our timeline was delayed by a half hour - waiting for the wedding party to arrive - but no problem - Lisa re-adjusted every event and everything looked like it was a planned part of the night.  I have never seen anyone pay so much attention to the little details from me stepping on my dress to the cake slipping because of the sun (Lisa had the table moved out of the sun - Wow - I never knew til it was over) - Too much to mention - but it was a beyond our dreams kind of night thanks to the great fortune of having Hit-N-Run - noone wanted to leave -including us.  They are definitely the first people we will call for anything and everything.....WE LOVE THIS BAND AND SO DID EVERYONE.   We cannot thank them enough.  With these folks- the minute you book them - you can worry about other things - not the band  and anything that happens onsite - you can probably bet that Lisa will be right there to make it better.....Sure love these guys.

Your lifelong fans

Cathy & Bobby


Whenever Hit-N-Run and Charlie and Lisa send the band emails - we make a point to be at their gigs.   A fantastic band - really great style, awesome music, tremendous musicianship and now great friends.  When we move up North, we are never going to find a band to go see that we love as much.  We will make trips back to Houston to see our favorite band.  They always make us feel special.

Mike & Dee Gallo


Hi cousin Lisa!

Thank you soooo much for everything, y'all were awesome & everyone was 
asking me where we found y'all   :).   I told them that you were family!!!

I'm sorry I wasn't able to talk to you more before the wedding about 
all the details I was just sooo busy with everything & couldn't manage 
my time correctly... but you took care of it all and knew just what to do-

You even made sure there were fun events I never would have thought of.- but they made the night one of a kind.

You can bet I'll be referring you to everyone.  Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.
I think everything went awesome & I couldn't be happier :). Thank you also for D.J ing after the gig & 
for letting us have the speakers & laptop with our music far past midnight (til 2 a.m)  we had a blast!!!

Also all the goodies we awesome!!! 

I loved the drum sticks, I gave those to my brother since he plays the drums I thought he would love 
to have them!!! And all the frames were awesome also :)

I did notice on the paper you wrote t-shirts & there weren't any in 
the bag, can we buy 2 from you?  Zach & I would love to wear them 
around!!!  Then you would get lots of work here in our city.l

Thanks a million cousin,
Love, Liz Wright - I love my last name!!!_____________________________________________

Lisa & Charles,
We just wanted you to know how much we love you guys & the time we spend with you. We wish we could get out & enjoy your music more often. We have heard many bands, but none as diverse and as good as your band.  You ought to be famous.          Love ya,  Mary & Ken __________________________________________________________________________________

YOU GUYS ROCK  -need I say more? - Just wanted you to know that the band is really amazing - vocally, musically, and professionally.
Also enjoy Lisa's expertise with the sound & lights and she is so friendly and helpful.
M. Roebuck 
Bellaire, Tx
Hi Lisa and Charlie, 
We really do enjoy your band.  Thanks for learning our song and playing it at the club you were at.  You did a great job.  We hope to see you guys this Friday.  Thanks and see you Friday, 
Terri and David Skaggs

Dear Lisa and Charlie,Sorry we haven’t been in touch…due to being up to our necks with family and loads of other post wedding stuff. We did receive your lovely letter and are humbled by what you have to say. Everyone raved about the band and we had dinner at La Vida Loca and got talking to the manager. Somehow we mentioned what a great band you are and he said he would call you about October. We absolutely loved having you and the guys there and will definitely keep in touch at every opportunity. The kids thought you were the highlight of the wedding so it doesn’t come much better than that! Thanks for everything and we will talk very soon.
Love from all, Lindsay etc., etc., ……..     (Lindsay &*Kathy Fraser)    Kirsty's wedding

Hey again,The story line in your emails is cute, unique, and characterizes your energy and music experience. It’s a great marketing tool. I get song ideas from it. J I think Charles is a genius artist. The same finesse and depth carries through each of his works, whether repairs, guitar playing, whatever. And Lisa, you’re no slouch in the supporting roles. 
Randy Kane

Lisa and Charlie -We sure enjoyed seeing you all last week – ya’lls group is so talented. Such a great variety of tunes.  Take care and keep me up to date. Luv ya’ll.
Thank you , Jackie Bills Allen ,
 MCPLead Business Technology Specialist,

Gas Operations Technology Services

Lisa & Charles ,   We just wanted you to know how much we love you guys and the time we spend with you.We wish we could get out and enjoy your music more often.Love ya,               
Mary & Ken  West

September 02, 2011 1:00 PM

Thanks Lisa, I appreciate any gigs you might throw my direction. I've always been a big fan of Charlie's playing and thought I remember him playing in a band with Wynn but my memory is not that great either. I thought they did some recording at Dale Mullins studio there in Spring Branch back in the day. I also have a lot of respect for you and your dedication to Charlie and promoting Him. I think every time I have ever seen you through the years you would talk about him and or where and who he was playing with. You're a great team, I'm sure that's why you've been together as long as you have. Got your voice mail as well.Take care and have a great weekend     

Bubba Gould



Very best regards, Michael Roebuck/Michael Roebuck, PC/ The Frost Bank Building/6750 West Loop

Hi everyone: HIT-N-RUN upcoming gigs.  website has a list of the great music they play- classic rock and roll, country/western and if you ask Charlie, he'll play some wonderful Italian songs And Charlie gets into his Elvis mode (wig, glasses, jewelry, etc) and does a great Elvis. Be sure to put on your dancing shoes!

Charlie and Lisa have become great friends of ours. Charlie is the band leader. Lisa is the manager, roadie, sound and light person and heartbeat of the band. They are wonderful people.

Cathy Tiemann

Congratulations on your 5 star review! People love to read reviews - especially brides!
One of your recent brides is singing your praises to other Knot Wedding Network members on WeddingChannel reviews!
Read Below:haguilar11Wedding: 2/18/2012
Member Since: 9/28/2011
Best Band Ever!! posted 3/4/2012

They are very experienced and play such a wide range of music. Every event was timed perfectly and organized.

Lisa is a hoot and made sure the dance floor was full.

I am so excited for our friends to see you all. I just checked your website & calendar. Charlie was a big hit at the Sock Hop and everyone really loved him. I am so glad he sang for them. It was great. See you soon! Miss you! 
Marilyn Pahlavan

Hey Charlie & Lisa, Just had to tell you that Dennis and I are still hyped up after your show last night....it was unbelievable do not stay up that late...but we will now...see you June 16 at Lynn's Long branch Tavern...it is Dennis 64 birthday..what a way to celebrate it.! I would have sworn we were in Las Vegas...you really know how to entertain a crowd! DENNIS IS HOOKED ON HIT N RUN...  

Lisa you know how to party WOMAN...I love your energy! I wish my feet did not hurt so bad -I would have loved to dance all night with you. you can tear up that dance floor in your pink socks. I was telling my mom this morning about how good a time we had & how great your band is...she said she wants to go next time. My Mom is 82 & loves seeing live music. OK I could go on and on...(an Italian thing) about how great you are..but I am sure you have heard it 1000 x 10. Please add us to your email list.we do not want to miss out on all the fun at your shows.

 Sheri & Dennis Beasley

Guys,Just a brief note to let you all know that I have received only positive feedback from last nights gig. Thanks to you all for being there and so easy to work with, it was a pleasure.Look forward to doing it again. Hope you all had fun. 
Tommy H.

Hey Charlie & Lisa,Wow that was another awesome show on Friday night...your would have never know poor Charlie was in pain, especially when he became Elvis and slid across the floor...the best part was when Lisa had to help him up...you two really know how to entertain a crowd. I showed mom the picture of you and Charlie...mom said...that sure is a pretty young girl Charlie is married to...My friends loved your show and can not wait to come see you again! I feel like I have known you and Charlie forever, you two are so much fun to be around! We love coming to the shows!!
Ciao Mamma Mia Sheri

 Hi Lisa!. One couple, Joe and Rebecca, and another couple, Kathy and Phillip said how amazing Charlie was in that he could play any request. Thank you so much for trusting me to fill in.  Speaking of sweet people, you and Charlie are the best. Couldn't get any nicer people than you. I LOVE YOU! BIG HUG to CHARLIE!

Jane Vandiver (Triple Play Band)

Lisa, Good afternoon. I wanted to let you know that we are bringing a group to Prime Time for dinner and to celebrate my husband Steve Brickhouse's birthday on Saturday, July 21  Looking forward to hearing you guys play again, we heard you last at Hearthstone Country Club a few months ago and it was so much fun. A lot of the same Hearthstone people are coming to the birthday celebration as well.

Thanks again. Cherrie       (Cherrie Brickhouse)

Oh! What a thoughtful note thanking us for coming to your gigs. You are so very welcome! You give more to us in pure happiness on our date night than we could ever imagine -- we always feel like we are in our 20's & 30 's again! LOL. You are good people and we just love ya too! It was our pleasure to have you introduce us around & meet your friends that made us feel so welcomed to your table. Please keep us on your mailing list. Thank you for your friendship -- God bless and take care!  
Chuck & Linda Fiorello

from fans at the 510 Bar in katy, texas
We think your band is awesome and you play such a great mix of so many types of music.....We are your newest fans.
Thanks so much for being a part of our Christmas party.  You received a whole lot of compliments.  You were a joy to work with and made every minute so much fun. Lisa, we are thrilled how you always make things work to the client's advantage.  You were able to set up your band and play in our living room in a very small space and was always the perfect volume from the slow music to the great classic rock and styles of music.  The energy was over the top- and Charlie channeling Elvis was fantastic. Perfect evening, perfect band and perfect music...Have a merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.   We will definitely call upon you again and again.
Kim & Linda DeYoung
I love your band. It makes me happy. Hope to see you at one of the future ones.
Kindest regards,GiGi Lewis, Club Etiquette Founding Director
I want you to know that meeting you and Charlie means a great deal to me.  I was personally and musically blessed and encouraged after I met you all. I love your variety and gutsy presentation.I was raised on Detroit Soul,Chicago, Delta Blues and Southern Jazz. It all comes through in one big ball of sound with you guys. Thanks again for keeping in touch. ...........
John Cameron

Lisa I have been meaning to send you an email.We had a great time Friday nite….band was EXCELLENT!  Charles, Joe and all made everyone have so much fun…and you too with all your hard work. I am sending your info to a friend of mine…who is big in the rodeo. I introduced you to him Friday. Hope to hear yall very soon.

 Hugs, Nita Chesney

Lisa and Charlie, We always enjoy seeing you at Harborwalk and listening to your great band. Hope to see you soon.  
Mary Margaret and Chris Sims

Lisa & Charlie -What a team - What a great band- you are awesome.  You are like royalty and that is what  we see in your shows. You’ve treated us (and everyone) like royalty, making a true connection – musically and personally.  Its encouraging how you got me & many others out of their  musical shell. Knowing you as I do, I see how so many from all walks of life respect & love you not only for the music you do for them, but for the way you treat them and make each person feel special. People are reminded of the good old days that they enjoyed so much when you play and most of us think the dance music is tailored just for them. and At the same time, you touch so many others in their ways. You and Charlie will never know how many lives you affect and how much sunshine you bring to a room just by walking in.  What a blessing you are - both of you.   signed - a grateful friend and forever fan.