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Hit-N-Run is known in the music industry as a band who can do it all. You know that you are in the midst of something special & rare with this band - just when you have them figured out - they go & show you an even greater reason they are so much more than they say they are - a band that knows what music is all about. They are a well versed, professional, tight knit-well oiled machine. Here is a partial description of some the members.  Other members in the horn section or other instruments are not listed as we keep an   "A  list" of the top pro's around to fit just the right event and add them to the show when needed. FROM OUR VOCALISTS TO HORNS TO OTHER INSTRUMENTS, we got it covered.   All lyou gotta do is ask and you shall receive as longs as all the details are taken care of.

CHARLIE COTRONE..  He is the Sicilian GODFATHER and the driving force onstage who puts on a show both musically & visually ! Accomplished professionals in the music industry call him the musician's musician. Many bands are in awe of him saying - he is the total package - a consummate entertainer & musician. Venues say he is a walking jukebox. HE ENJOYS BEING ABLE TO PLAY FOR HIS AUDIENCE AND FULFILL THEIR REQUESTS.   He also will wear all the props Lisa brings to light up the stage- no matter how crazy.  Charlie has an amazing ability to play anything & everything & loves to please the audience and play your requests so much so that he will instantaneously turn to the band & within seconds of telling them the key, he will bring back memories for you. He does so with an authentic sound & tremendous leads that leaves our fans screaming for more and singing along.  He can be seen in an Elvis wig, glasses, scarf, & bling performing Elvis favorites for our fans or his "soul man look" -or lit up wooly bully horns or a Jimi Hendrix wig & sash or maybe the sombrero  and sarape for that special song in Spanish.  You just never know what he will do or say next! He is the life and comedian of the band that brings out the comedian in the others and the audience loves his banter often heckling him in fun.  His background from childhood (playing in venues since he was 10 years old)  to now has had him showcasing his talent with and opening for many famous acts like Roy Head, Steppenwolf, Tommy James & the Shondells, Strawberry Alarm Clocks, ZZ top and others but for over 45 years now heading up  his bands and Hit-N-Run. As lead guitarist & lead vocalist, he can add harmonica too. Through Charlie - HIT-N-RUN has the most diversified & longest song list of many styles of music . Charlie is also a very humble and kind person, a real team player not always seeking the limelight, but often stepping back to let others shine just like he loves to bring the audience special attention. Charlie is a favorite with other groups to come work with them & bring his style, personality, versatility & voice to the stage they play on. His charisma, his smile, his genuine affection for his audiences & his lead & back up vocals along with his guitar expertise are part of what makes the band able to perform with a style that makes most folks think Hit-N-Run is a highly polished, courteous, and professional band that knows how to have fun, fun, fun & still be a class act.

RUSTY CURTIS.... We call him "Lownote"  and he is our BASS player that gets your attention the second he starts to sing & set a groove down. Audiences are wowed & on their feet ! Rusty's bass playing and singing always makes Hit-N-Run the great band it is. In fact, he makes other bands sound great too from time to time.  He has also been the backbone of so many famous groups over the years like Roy Head, George Strait, Willie Nelson, - you would not believe his list of greats he has worked with - we are in awe! Rusty, like Charlie, is a consummate musician - he can find a harmony & create multi-part harmonies which he does to perfection - no matter how many musicians are singing at the same time. He can harmonize with any guest artist that comes onstage with Hit-N-Run & he is an amazing lead singer with a vocal authenticity of the original artist of any cover song. His winning smile & quick wit add to the fun when he plays anything & everything Hit-N-Run decides to do. For years he & Charlie have worked together & their harmonies are pure & impeccable - whatever note Charlie sings - Rusty is right there with the complimentary vocal that makes folks stop what they are doing & give full attention to the band. His bass playing is phenomenal...the backbone of every song and he knows just how to blend in or stand out.  Dancing to music with a bass player like Rusty is what every band needs and wants. He is like Charlie in that he can pull up any song you ask for and do it just like the record....An all around key player in Hit-N-Run.    Rusty's stage name is a misnomer- he is as far from rusty as you can get ! Rusty helps make the band stand out in all styles, but when it comes to country-he is the king of style & can do it all !

GREG LANGE ..... the drummer...is key player in HIT-N-RUN - laying down a really solid backbeat that is sure to make you tap your feet, grab your dance partner and break out your moves. He is a great addition to the band always open to new songs right on the spot and is a great team player willing to learn or do anything asked of him.   He is instrumental in helping with music equipment when we are together and being a computer guy likes to assist with his expertise on the digital mixing board when needed.  He goes beyond being the drummer of choice to often helping keep events posted and advise if he sees a need to follow up on something. Greg is also a good singer and has become an integral part of the harmonies in the group.   Once you have seen and heard Greg, you know he fits like a puzzle piece with his style and versatility.  He loves what he does and is always willing to go the extra mile, many times offering before being asked. He loves doing whatever is best for the group; he loves what he does and is very attentive to Charlie, Rusty & Bobby putting his 100% effort into every song. They are known to take lots of requests and play songs they have never done together.  It is very impressive that with a simple flick of the wrist or a nod of the head , they can perform music perfectly or create a medley to pack the dance floor. Greg is also one of the few who is loyal and giving to whatever he committs to from his long marriage to the friends or bands he works with.  His backgound is diverse & he too has worked with many famous groups. Like the other band members, he likes playing to the crowds preferences & is never sure just what the band is going to be playing next, but whatever it is - he does it just right.  It is always a treat when band members "click" and these guys do.   The audiences love what can only be described as amazing, fantastic, awesome and unbelievable musicianship and entertainment.

Bobby Markoff .....He is the KEY to what we do....He plays it just like the record....AND FOR THE RECORD....Bobby is not only one of Houston's most sought after players with a style that covers just about every genre of music, but he's also a dentist.   So whether you're screaming in his chair or screaming on the dance floor, he delivers painless and melodic renditions of whatever Hit-N-Run pulls out of their bag of tricks to treat you to some unforgettable talent and fun. Bobby has worked with many local bands and from jazz to blues to country to rock or big band, he is everyone's first call and for us he is just what the Doctor ordered.    We love having him in the band because he can play anything and even the pro's in the business are amazed at his diversity and style.  Bobby- like the others - is a great team player and has played for so many well known groups over the years.  He quite often will get a mischievous grin and start a song knowing that the band will jump right in and enhance what he does.   Bobby doesn't sing but what he doesn't say vocally, he makes up for musically. He just doesn't know that there is a mike stand in the shadows waiting for him.   He will deliver a musical anesthesia that will have you mesmerized because he mesmerizes us each and every time.  The only thing we can't get him to do is fix our cavities at the gigs, but if we were filling prescriptions for keyboard players, Bobby is the real deal - nothing generic about him.  Insurance is a necessity with Doctors and the best insurance for us is having Dr. Bobby Markoff onsite guaranteeing that we fill your heart and soul with music and fun that takes away your pain.   
JANICE HOUSTON SPIVEY- When it comes to female vocalists and entertainers that reach out and draw you in - Janice is "SIMPLY THE BEST".  She, like the other band members, has a track record of being in demand for her stage presence, style, classy attitude, and incredible vocals that will leave you breathless.   She is as beautiful a person on the inside as she is on the outside.   She draws you to her like a moth to a flame and when she looks at her audience, she makes you feel as if you are the only one in the room.  She has a way about her that audiences cant get enough of.   Standing ovations are a normal result for her with her powerhouse delivery and feeling that is in every song.   No matter the style, she brings the band and the audience to a feverish pitch and it is a treat to watch her bring the band in with little dance moves and genuine love for each others' talent.   Even the band is amazed sometimes and if you ever see her in action, she will motivate you like no other....She is an absolute perfect puzzle piece fit for us.   Many well known bands have been blessed to have her share the stage and everywhere she is with us, she is such a hit. We know that to find a voice and such a humble lady to work with is a rarity....she's got a smile and a wink that dazzles you and an attitude that makes you want to keep your eyes on her. She does not have a better than anyone else type "star" attitude.   The easy going team player she is makes everything we do together a perfect show.  Audiences clamor to her on breaks and she is gracious and appreciative and spends time with her fans.  When the curtain goes up - you can bet Janice is gonna give ten million percent, but behind the scenes, she is just as wonderful.     We love her professionally, personally and musically.  We will always sing her praises.   
AND IF THAT'S NOT ENOUGH, she is married to our long time sub to play bass and sing.  EVERYONE KNOWS MILFORD SPIVEY, who has worked with many famous groups like B.B. King, the Temptations, Green Onions, Luther and the Healers, and too many more to mention.   He is never short on providing the exact bass line and great vocals and he can slap a bass like no other. He is the consummate team player, never complains, always smiling, friendly and loves to entertain his audiences.....he is a brother from another mother and makes him our first choice when Rusty is busy.
Of course every sub we have is phenomenal in their own rights - like Duane Massey, who is a highly sought after keys/trumpet/vocal player.  This man has a great musical sense of humour too.   If you think you hear strings, or fiddle or accordion or unusual sounds like a train or crazy horn stuff....ITS DUANE.   He blends in and stands out all at the same time. He was well known for his Oz Knozz Band and other famous groups but whoever he plays with - he is a perfect fit.    Listen carefully,  he interjects funny things in lyrics too.    He is such a joy to work with - never complains, does all that is asked of him and always goes above and beyond what is expected.  We love this guy.
We got some great horn players too that we call upon....Jim Rinke, Anthony Terry, Gary Weldon, Ed Lowe, Joe Trombatore, Kelly Dean (also plays keys with us when he isn't in hot demand), wow....so many amazing players to make us a really great big band.   Each one is phenomenal, great at entertaining, extremely professional with unlimited abilities.  
HOW BLESSED WE ARE TO HAVE SUCH A LOT OF GREAT MUSICIANS AND FRIENDS.  There are many others in our past not mentioned here that return from time to time.  In fact, all our subs are equally talented and if you see them with us...you know they are amongst the cream of the crop.
Hit-N-Run expands from the duo with Charlie and Rusty, to a powerhouse trio with Greg, to a bigger full sounding band with Bobby or Janice or horns or other instruments.    If you like cake, with these folks, you can have your cake and eat it too.. !!!!!     You will feel like you are up personal and close at a fabulous concert while they cater to your requests.    No song lists to stick to here, just nothing but what the crowd likes. 


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