..............................EVERYTHING YOU WANT & NEED !

At any event, private, festivals AND weddings here is a little of what you can expect.  We know this is quite a bit more than most bands have for you to read, but we want to save you some time and headaches in your search for the perfect entertainment when interviewing people for your function. Some bands have very simple and short websites, but it leaves you with questions that you have to make another call to get answered - hopefully ours will be helpful and give you what you need to know without more effort.  

We hope that we have anticipated some of your questions and when we speak to you - we will cover many more things that you may not have thought of yet.  All our years of experience sets us apart from others and we will help you all we can.

In the beginning, we will meet with you at your convenience and discuss your needs such as timelines and music coordination and what is important to you. From the smallest event to clubs to weddings and more, we are always available to help you out with suggestions based on our past experiences and expertise and help whether you are looking to have something traditional or something more on the cutting edge.  We can assist you to decide on things that seem unimportant like the placement of various things like your tables and chairs in relation to where the stage is.  We will give you our expert opinion on the best placement of the band for viewing, listening and ease of flow around the room.  We can preview the site and work with the staff or your coordinator as well as caterers and photographers to be sure everything flows smoothly with the music and achieve the best possible arrangement of things for you.   We can make all your announcements such as introducing honored guests or the wedding party.  We can customize each special event and work with you to achieve just what you want.  No need to hire a D.J. - we can provide all the break music in various styles via our laptop, IPOD or cd player to keep the dance floor hopping.   If you want the music to last longer - we would love to accommodate you as long as your venue allows for an extra fee.  Whatever your preference on how you want your event to flow, we will work with you to fit the timeline and the fun and the music together.

We are organized, thorough, fun, spontaneous and committed to giving more than you expect and being the best we can be.  You decide how we dress to the occasion from casual to tux.   If you have certain rules or requests, we will abide by what is agreed upon in the contract. We are very punctual & always arrive a few hours before we begin the music to set up our main p.a. equipment with the remainder of the musicians personal equipment arriving in a timely manner before the event. Once our main P.A. equipment is in place, we have the sound ready so that when your very first guest arrives - they see everything in place & appropriate music will be playing on our laptop computer, IPOD or C.D. We have our own sound person who constantly monitors our mix & keeps our volume at a pleasing level. 

We thrive on interracting with you & your guests & making them part of the fun. We are very kid friendly & have some children songs for their enjoyment too and usually bring them up on stage to participate, with your approval of course. We conduct ourselves in an appropriate, professional manner at all times; the way we would want others to be around our own children.

You can expect Hit-N-Run to thrill your guests and leave them singing your praises long after the music stops !

TO BOOK THE BAND - CALL   LISA   @   281-450-9268   OR      281-373-1934